The Film

Glen Canyon Rediscovered chronicles a 350-mile, sea-kayak-based journey to the remote and lost wonders of Glen Canyon, the “place no one knew.” As a result of climate change and an over-tapped Colorado River, Lake Powell is receding and the intricate side canyons, resurrected desert beauty, and forgotten cultural wonders of Glen Canyon are emerging from the depths of the reservoir.

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The Team

Taylor Graham

Taylor Graham Taylor Graham is a multimedia storyteller from Durango, Colorado with a passion for exploring and advocating for wild places. He is a Fulbright Fellow and recent graduate of Ithaca College.

Courtney Blackmer-Raynolds

Courtney Blackmer-Raynolds Courtney Blackmer-Reynolds is a Colorado-based documentary filmmaker who is committed to the preservation of Western landscapes and the wellbeing of those who call this home. A graduate of Colorado College, her most recent film, The Confluence, focuses on Navajo sacred land in the Grand Canyon.

Micah Berman

Micah Berman Micah Berman is a Vermont-based filmmaker and graduate of the environmental program at the University of Vermont. His passion for storytelling is fueled by a love for the outdoors and desire for adventure.

Isabelle La Motte

Isabelle La Motte Isabelle La Motte is a filmmaker and photographer from the Catskill Mountains of New York. She has a degree in environmental studies from the University of Vermont and aims to use her style of visual storytelling and love for the outdoors to connect human existence to the environments that surround us.

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